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SOPA and more…

Januar 21, 2012

Due to the latest developments, I would like to add my voice and say:

We the people, the open and free society transcending national borders, with the internet as our primary medium to communicate, spread information and organize, have won another victory in preserving this very medium giving us the possibility to peacefully connect and counter the lies and manipulation of government-, business- and finance-sponsored and controlled mass media!

With the SOPA strike (Stop Online Piracy Act) just past, initiators and supporters of trying to censor the internet once again had to back down as people worldwide declared their outrage and thousands of websites went dark and censored themselves in solidarity with the global protests (WordPress among them, I am glad to say).

It certainly is a victory, but don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t been the first and only nor will it be the last attempt to infringe the people’s power via the control of the internet. Politicians and people as well as corporations in support of initiating and enforcing internet censorship are only biding their time, trying to spin further lies to lure us into negligence and waiting to make another move. Therefore we have to remain ever vigilant and continue to work together to preserve and regain our rights and freedoms while at the same time be confident of our success in these endeavours because of such examples of people power as the SOPA strike. For this is the open secret, the reason to remain confident and the key to creating a better world than the current fascist control-matrix: we the people have always and will always have the power to create our reality, in every way. We need only remind ourselves of that and take back our sovereignty. This is why it’s so important to connect and spread the information or rather the confirmation (and motivation) of what people already know and intuitively feel to be right.

Of course it is also necessary to beware of attempts to infiltrate and undermine protests (as in the Occupy movement) and of course of simple hypocrisy. I am referring here eg. to Google’s (one of the websites joining the SOPA strike) censoring of and

However, in my opinion, it is most important (to cover in this short commentary) to address the very nature and also the disguise/form of things like SOPA. Once again officially declared as something completely different, like the preservation of copyrights, SOPA virtually allows the US government to arbitrarily take down websites and censor the internet because of the wide range of the implications of trying to completely control the whole copyright issue on the web and because of the broad language used. And the only reason for such powers is the desire for more control and power by continuously infringing people’s possibilities of voicing dissent and eventually take action.

This pattern can be seen time again, be it the Patriot Act (could it be more euphemistic?) or the recent NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), also known as the indefinite detention bill. Some argue, the president has already had such powers since 2001, but now, it cannot be argued against anymore, as the wording of the bill is unambiguous in allowing the government to take into custody and indefinitely detain American citizens without trial (until the end of the hostilities/war – on terror -, which has by the way never been officially declared… how can something like that be done anyway?). The power and the danger of the bill lies in the wording, making an arbitrary accusation the only prerequisite for enacting indefinite detention.

Another example in the US as well as closer to my home,  Austria, and of course also worldwide to be found, would be – seemingly unrelated – cases against animal rights activistis and the prosecution of which. In the name of the war on terror, bills were created (eg. §278a), again with such wording as to allow the accusation (and treatment) of anyone as a terrorist, even peaceful animal rights advocates. Of course the reasons for this are of economical and political nature. Corporations (and, naturally, affiliated politicians) make losses, the idea that animal cruelty is to be abhorred must not take root in the wider populace, furthermore, the establishment and dominant political parties are principally affronted by whatever activists and free thinkers, and again, most importantly (like in the economical perspective), even the faintest upwelling of the possibility of the idea to think differently and voice dissent cannot be allowed by the controlling elite. On the one hand, this is the very root of thought and doctrine at least of the leading section of various parties (which are of course in fact one and the same), and on the other, this is becoming more and more of a horrible reality for people in Austria and worldwide alike. Don’t be deluded. Even the most uninformed citizen knows that we are not living in a true democracy (if such is to be aspired to at all). However, what is truely important is the scope of the fascist, tyrannical police state we already have today (and if not yet in law, as in the US, then at least practically). And it’d definitely not helping that people continue to close their eyes to these facts.

But that’s what I’m trying to change with this blog.


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