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Hemp – What we’re not being told

Januar 22, 2012

What eventually urged me to write about hemp (or cannabis) was the mounting evidence of its vast range of benefits – some even claimed to save lives.

Hemp’s use as a medicinal drug is probably known to most people, however even with such restrictions it has been decriminalized only in a few countries so far. This seems especially unbelievable and irrational as ever more studies are and have been conducted reporting improvements in various diseases, besides hemp’s common use for pain relief.

Even more striking to me though are findings of varying degrees of hemp’s efficiency depending on how it’s being consumed. First I happened on Rick Simpson’s  (essential) hemp oil, where the THC is extracted through a solvent – the link refers to the documentary Run From The Cure. It provides testimonies of people having been cured of cancer (besides many other ailments) and Ricks efforts to make his discoveries better known and his struggles with legal issues (although his aspirations are solely medicinal and the low doses he recommends do not evoke a „high“).

Of little surprise to me was to find that hemp’s most efficient use has finally been discovered to lie in the consumption of the plant in its raw form, as a vegetable like salad or juiced.

This is probably the last straw and the ultimate reason to stand up for the legalization of cannabis. How can such a healthy plant be withheld from the public? Why do we still endure the practice of common cancer treatments and their implications? How many other diseases can be successfully treated with this natural product apart from these already found to be improved by cannabis use? Why do we still live in a world of chemistry rather than natural remedies, which is upheld by people’s ignorance and politics‘ and business’s greed?

The point is, as I observed in my last article, that we, and only we as a collective constituting the state have the power and the right to regulate our lives and societal rules. And we have long since reached the point where all the facts are on the table, available to everyone and in complete support of the legalization of hemp.

(I am deliberately using the terms hemp and cannabis synonymously and refraining from calling it „marijuana“ due to the near century old demonization of the plant by people of state, business and finance (seemingly) in power and interested in suppressing the use and knowledge of hemp. In this way I would like to recommend another documentary, When We Grow, detailing a little of hemp’s history, the smear campaing against it and more.)

What’s more, all the arguments in the „controversy“ about cannabis are in favor of legalization. Sure, in search of a more or less balanced view of all the arguments, one can of course find various concerns raised and consequently used as a rationalization for hemp’s criminalization. However, in my eyes, each argument thought up against legalization, as can be seen in the link provided, can be disspelled.

I strongly urge everyone to think through both sides of the argument themselves and at least get into the whole issue a little and realize the scope of it all. I’m not only talking about even cancer healing abilities of cannabis as pointed out above, but of how decisions are made and rules enforced in our society and why the status quo is as it is. The purpose of this article is not to cover every aspect of the drug issue, again I would like to ask the reader to do the necessary research themselves as this can be the only true source of achieving knowledge and understanding in my opinion, but to provide one possible direction of further looking into information not usually publicly talked about is of course eg. the CIA’s connection to drug traffic.

To conclude, I would like to take up the most important argument to me, as hinted at above. In the end, it is again about sovereignty. It is my right and responsibility as a human being born on this earth to decide for myself how to conduct my life in good conscience and to the best of my knowledge, which involves whether and how to use something natural like a plant. And in our current world where a small and self-serving elite is trying to make decisions for everyone else it would be especially harmful and irrational to give up one’s freedom and simply accept being told what to think and do.


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  1. gerhard koegler permalink
    Januar 24, 2012 11:02 pm

    I totally agree, being a physician. I can’t understand why they try more and more to forbid naturally growing plants, lots of those have been taken as medicaments for thousands of years. We don’t understand unless we track the money. Then we suspect the mighty pharmaceutical industry behind these changes. And it’s up tu us to voice out loudly: nobody has to tell us what we are planting and taking as a medicine for staying healthy. Thank you for your article, gerhard

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