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Self-Sufficiency: The Basis Of Alternative Models

Januar 28, 2012

Intended as a follow-up article and, as I see it, an integral part of my thoughts on non-compliance, as presented on this blog, I would now like to conclude them by writing about self-sufficiency as the necessary foundation for alternatives to our current system.

First I would like to add some material on non-compliance and further steps, which should also serve as a kind of transition.

From a new scientific and spiritual perspective, interestingly, one comes to the same reasoning politically, socially, philosophically and practically – at least I think the parallels are very compelling and obvious. Energetically, the worst thing one can do in trying for change is to fight and put one’s focus on the very object in need of change. If we concentrate on our dissatisfactions with the status quo, its weaknesses and problems and on fighting against it, we not only drain ourselves to no constructive effect but also pour our energy into it and strenghtening it even more. Even one single thought would be one too much, considering its potency, especially with respect to a great mass of people doing so. Maybe there is a certain degree and measure of how much energy needs to be spent on gathering information about the real workings of the old system and on how to defend oneself if push comes to shove. The main focus and the greatest percentage by far though should rest with one’s positive and ideal future system. This is the very power of thought and human potential, to not compromise and hold back in visualizing and channelling one’s intentions on the desired objective. Every little doubt is completely unnecessary and only undermines the whole process and its efficacy. To sum up, energetically it is the same as eg. politically – as the saying goes: where the focus goes, the energy flows. Whatever one does, one’s energy always flows to the focus of the action, be it opposition or support. This is yet again one of the „secrets“ not told in the mainstream. What makes this even more true practically, political opposition is always controlled, either in and as political parties or in terms of demonstrations, which is of course not known or admitted publically. So, even without this „energetic law“, due to the control matrix, protesting (and supporting the „opposition“) cannot work in the first place. By this, I’ve tried to show that withdrawing one’s support from a political, economic and financial system in the hands of the globalists and focusing on the creation of something new, just, free and from the bottom up (as opposed to fighting the system legally or illegally, from within or without), is rooted and paralleled in the „spiritual“ path/approach or mechanism and nowadays also found in science. The implications though that I’m not only drawing an analogy here but that energetical (spiritual if you will) realities suffuse and transcend the conventional one of our everyday lives, dealing with political, etc. entities, shall and has to at this point be left to further articles and discussions.

Another point I would like to raise concerns the system-immanence of protests. When politicians talk about the people retaining the right to protest (why thank you), another wave of being taken completely aback hits me. First of all, who are they to believe that they could ever grant the people this right or even think that they would have more say in the matter than the people themselves? More so, it shows that the controllers are only willing to „allow“ something if they deem it harmless to them. Every danger and efficient people’s instrument for change is not granted in the first place (at least as far as they can discern and control it – this is also how we can tell, what probably works, from the globalists‘ efforts to curtail and control it, like the internet). We are only being sold an illusion by going to the streets and protesting, only to contentedly go to sleep in the evening and continue life as usual, without any change whatsoever, but on the contrary, further consolidation of the power elite’s control grip. Here, in German, one can find a perfect example of meaningless talk about people power, while actually, they are openly admitting that they are in control, when they speak about the exception to the rule, a national referendum, where, for a change, the people can decide (again, thank you SO much) – of course, not in any relevant aspect or meaningful way. And underlying all this, why it’s the lie that actually, we the people decide everything through our representatives, taking all the bothersome work from us, with only the best intentions in mind, just like all the other good people in business and finance… simply lie back, enjoy your shallow entertainments when not working yourself stupid, let us, the friendly people on top of the pyramid, poison you, more or less slowly… all in all, dig your own grave (and why not kill yourself right away), but most importantly, stop thinking, be uncritical and trust us, that we have only the best in mind for you…

However, this article has as its topic alternatives to the current system. And what serves as a starting- and natural counterpoint to the globalists‘ status quo is of course self-sufficiency and de-centralization, on which further ideas can be based. Also, I would like to see it included in these, as to me it is not only a means but an end in itself. And maybe, it will at least for a time have to remain an integral part of whatever system follows, in order to guard against further attempts at consolidating and centralizing power, until humanity has progressed beyond this necessity of counterbalances (or where these are done on a finer, mor subtle and less drastic level).

In order to break free from the pyramid power structure and to restore a natural, happy and healthy way of life, therefore to create the very opposite of the status quo, self-sufficiency needs to be attained or aspired to on every level, from personal to regional to national, and lastly global (and essential thereof has to be sustainability of course). Individually, everyone has to take respective steps toward this by supporting surrounding regions by everyday choices like work, residence, where and how money is being spent and what to consume. Collectively, at least small communities have to be set up which are not only able to sustain themselves but also to support one another and thereby creating a bigger region of self-sufficiency and sustainability, up to nation scopes. To recap from my last article on this topic: we the people have to take organizing ourselves (ie. government, as far as this is necessary) back into our own hands, bottom up. The same with our monetary system, eg. the creation of a currency (again, as far as necessary) – this power must not reside with a few individuals or private banks/one central bank like the FED or ECB, but with the people themselves. And we need to take care ourselves of our economy, producing necessary goods, especially food (and most importantly of course managing our water supply), for ourselves by ourselves, with a good and healthy life for all as the sole motivation.

The consequences and benefits would be enormous:

through organic permaculture we receive food as medicine, without poisoning ourselves and the environment, and because of the locally grown produce, freshness and connectedness to one’s area of residence are guaranteed, without the consumption of energy and organizational effort involved with long transport (at least of the basic foods and goods);

through governing and deciding all matters monetary ourselves, we regain self-determination, freedom and independence. This, just like the fulfilment of all basic needs, erases fundamental discontentednes and the arising of like grievances. Without existential dangers and fears, without perceived and factual injustice, without negative influences and even the likeliness of the occurring thereof, happiness for all can become the new (and self-perpetuating) reality.

From there we as communities, societies and as humanity can go any direction whatsoever, but it seems likely to me that we should stick to this course of prosperity and respect for the individual and for sovereignty on every level.

I do not know what is most realistic and likely in the initial phase of transition, from the current situation to a better world, but as has been shown, proven and lived time and again, the principles of permaculture allow every individual to easily take care for him- or herself and family, thereby in every way getting the most out of the produce and the natural environment lived in, and at the same time enabling everyone to also conduct other, specialised occupations, participate socially and „politically“, educate oneself and study to one’s heart’s wishes, and also to have enough spare time for recreation and hobbies.

Maybe people would prefer small communities with more specialization, where some focus on agriculture to support others locally. Maybe though this would be the first and fatal step towards a system of centralization as we have right now. Again, I do not really know, what people want in detail and what is possible at what time. I do however feel certain that whether the future holds a centralized or de-centralized system, first and foremost, we need to break the globalists hold on us through de-centralization. Then maybe, we can grow together globally, which would actually be my wish. But I also strongly believe that this is and can only be possible with a sound foundation in self-sufficiency and most importantly (and connected with the first point) through a new collective consciousness, not determined by ego, fear, aggression and control but expressing the true human spirit. In the end, nature will tell. This is the only thing I’m saying. Look at human nature and the universal laws suffusing everything in life and life itself. But this can’t be done through conventional circles in the control matrix, like established science. We need to stand up for it ourselves and together with courageous scientists realize, visualize and create a new world.


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