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Forbidden History: The Origins Of Humanity

Januar 29, 2012

Ignored, denied and suppressed, glimpses of our true history have begun to emerge more and more. The time has come when formerly hidden and less known information cannot be contained anymore because of technologies like the internet and a seemingly wider and more open consciousness among an increasing number of people.

One fascinating example of this are ancient mysteries and forbidden history. Again, the two options commonly offered in the mainstream, evolution and creationism, just can’t live up to certain discoveries, which themselves cannot reasonably be denied, argued against and ignored anymore, not even by people blindly supporting and defining themselves through the old dogma and paradigms.

How can notions of us being at the top of creation and living in the most advanced times still be maintained, considering that ancient architectural achievements can neither be explained nor replicated? How can we still continue life as normal, considering the discoveries of 7,5m skeletons, ancient (and also more recent) depictions of flying aircraft of whatever origin and what seems to be beings in spacesuits? To mention just a few mind-boggling examples.

To present only three of my favourite thinkers and researchers in this field, Klaus Dona, Graham Hancock and Erich von Däniken, I hope to inspire the reader by my introduction and provide a nudge into this fascinating topic through the videos chosen by myself.

May your perception of reality and our true history be forever changed.


and more

Giant Footprint

Klaus Dona im Alpenparlament

Fascinating presentation

Project Camelot interview #1

Follow-up presentation

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