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We Are Not Alone – Unexplained Aerial Anomalies

Januar 30, 2012

From ordinary eye-witnesses, sometimes even with hand-held cameras or mobile phones, to mass media coverage of sightings going round the world, to scientists, politicians, professional pilots and astronauts (with NASA footage), whistleblowers or simply officials from all ranks within the military talking about their experiences – the phenomenon of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and with it the movement for official disclosure spreads through our whole society, all age groups and practically all over the world.

Not only the sheer number of sightings but the often high ranks and standing of many witnesses seem to make issues of credibility and authenticity a thing of the past.How can every single case be explained „rationally“, that is conventionally, by things like a play of the light, weatherballoons, test flights, swamp gas, or whatever? How can every single individual be wrong, delusional or outright crazy? What seems crazy to me is that the masses haven’t yet woken up to this reality, that there are things which cannot be explained through conventional knowledge, teachings and science. Of course, there are major interests in keeping some things hidden, be it scientific pride, money or power. This is especially so because of the issue of alternative energy sources, ie. free energy, as a consequence of the UFO phenomenon, soon to be addressed in another article.

Nevertheless, as with the equally breath-taking, mind-numbing and important topic of last article’s ancient civilizations, which naturally has very strong connenctions to the UFO issue, like our true origins, modern society with new technologies and consciousness brings the truth to light, even with government and private interests and powers opposing this grassroots disclosure by and to the public.

And in my opinion, if there is truth to this phenomenon, of which there is absolutely no doubt in my mind anymore after all I’ve seen, heard and read, then the implications are literally cosmic in nature. But, whatever comes of it, we have the right to know what is happening and no government or whatever entity must take this from us and deny us the truth. It seems, the masses are to be primed and prepared for something by governments disclosing certain files, controlled media outlets covering various aspects to a degree and always with a spin, official space programs discovering ever more signs for life in outer space or for example the chief astronomer of the Vatican saying aliens could exist… but should we really put our trust and faith in the very people having so far held back so much vital information from us, now to benevolently and slowly release what they deem acceptable, fitting and adequate for the masses to handle…

Enough said, let the evidence speak for itself – again I have compiled for you some of my favourite videos with the best evidence, witness-testimonies and official media and NASA coverage. Please do the research I’m only trying to initiate here and decide for yourself.


2001 Disclosure Project National Press Conference

Official NASA footage

Russia Today Report

Historian Richard Dolan covering the whole topic

and more

Disclosure Conference 2010

Retired Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean

UFO fleet, Guadalajara, Mexico

Sighting on Jamie Maussan 2009

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