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Simon Dale

A Low Impact Woodland Home

Who is this?
Simon Dale is a person like you and me who one day decided to build a sustainable, natural and low impact home for his family. And thats what he did. Within only 4 months with the help of a few friends he built a woodland home in the UK for the low costs of 3000 pounds.

Why is he in the Hall Of Fame?
Simon Dale was elected for our Hall Of Fame because he showed, what wonderful homes can be built with natural substances like clay, straw, wood and sand. We think that he strikes a new path in architecture and reading through his homepage, you more and more realise how far-out from nature we got in our modern civilisation and the cities. Simon makes clear that cement, plaster, poisonous wall paints and and and have become and always been unnecessary. Once again we are shown that nature provides us with everything we need for living. We thank Simon for sharing his great experience on the Internet.

Where can I get more information?
Just check out his site and take a glimpse at his selfbuilt home, plans and other similar projects.

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